06/03/2017 – 12/03/2017 ganztägig Europe/Berlin Zeitzone

22 world-class leaders, prosperity experts & success coaches

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Walk Away With…

  • Learn how to Awaken to Your Prosperity and implement cutting-edge practices, exercises and simple tools into your life right away to begin building the life of your dreams
  • Identify the “Money Myths” preventing you from a life of Prosperity and Financial Freedom
  • Learn how to unearth financially limiting thoughts and beliefs you didn’t realize you had, or believed you had no power over, to effectively transform your Financial Future into one of your creation…
  • Learn the Power of Hypnosis in reprogramming your deep-seeded beliefs about money
  • Discover the Major Pitfalls to avoid that are standing in your way of financial flow
  • Discover the REAL cause of Debt and how to remove it from your life
  • Learn the essential ingredients for Wealth Creation, success and happiness in life
  • Learn the key elements needed to create the Self-Esteem and Belief In Yourself that will foster your success
  • How to become aware of and unravel your obstacles to making more money
  • Learn how the practices of Gratitude and Appreciation can benefit you on your journey to Financial Freedom

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